New in our team: Naoual

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

First, a great team that you can always turn to. I also really like the social aspect. You get into contact with different people.

What did you do before nonzerosum?

I worked as a digital solution assistant. A completely different job than now, but I was immediately sold from the first contact with Stephanie.

Some tips for staying motivated?

I already must have a lot of setbacks to lose my motivation. But I mostly stick to the following views/tips. ‘Focus on the bigger picture’, ‘be positive’ and ‘tomorrow is a new day!’

What things energise you?

There are several things that energise me, but I am most energised when I see results. Results in the broadest sense of the word.

How do you relax after a long busy day?

After a busy day, I always like to go for a walk. I can also relax quite well after a busy day at the office when I am in a traffic jam (laughs). I love driving a car so a car ride is definitely a form of relaxation. A drive alone always does me good too…. play some music and just drive.

Which song could you listen to every day?

Difficult question, there are several songs I could put on repeat every day. I listen to different genres so in every genre there is a favourite song anyway and then also depending on the mood (laughs). So, I could write down a whole list here but we are not going to do that. You can always please me with a song from the nineties.

Never again TV or never again music?

Easy, never more TV. I listen to music daily. You can please me with all genres, ranging from hip-hop to country.

Pasta or rice?

I used to choose rice without any doubt, but now I have a definite preference for pasta.

Work at home or at the office?

A  variety is the perfect combination.

Sea holiday or nature holiday?

Both holidays are nice, but I would still opt for a nature holiday.