Recruitment & selection

Are you looking for a long-term, in-house lawyer?

We search for the right in-house company lawyer, legal assistant, paralegal, attorney, notary, notarial assistant or bailiff for your office or company.

With our expertise in recruitment, legal background, and active legal network, we make a difference for you. We can help define the desired profile and then work out the best candidate for you.

Thanks to our organization, approach, and network, we can delve deep into these projects, even working on very difficult-to-find profiles. We will deliver what needs to be done. We have all the resources necessary to achieve this goal.

We aim to introduce you to a new colleague who is the best match in terms of skills, expertise, and personality.

What can we offer you?

A personal approach and diligent monitoring
Screening of every candidate based on a personal conversation and references
Experienced consultants familiar with the legal field
A good price-quality ratio

Why work with us?

In the past years, we have provided legal support to all kinds of companies of varying sizes and in the most diverse range of industries. This focus gives us a head start when it comes to creating the right legal profiles and selecting a fitting candidate for that key role within your organisation.

Our global network in the legal industry and our 3 operational pillars at nonzerosum offer the right complementarity to attract the most suitable candidate.

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