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Legal interim management

You have only one goal: to expand your company.. But you want to have the right legal documentation in your possession and cover the necessary risks. We will provide the right interim lawyer for your company or project quickly and correctly.

What can we do for you?

Offer legal advice within your own company
On a frequent basis and tailored to your needs and wishes
On an independent basis or to supplement your existing legal team

Our Expertise in interim management

Our Approach in 5 Steps:

  1. Needs analysis
    • What are you looking for in a legal profile We listen to your needs and expectations in your search for a legal professional, in terms of expertise and personality. We act as a sparring partner and brainstorm to identify the ideal profile that is a perfect match for your organization and culture.
  2. We search for the ideal legal talent
    • Through our extensive legal network and targeted channels, we search for the candidate who perfectly fits your requirements in terms of expertise and company culture. With our focused direct search approach, we successfully find the ideal legal talent.
  3. Selection process
    • We conduct in-depth interviews with the selected candidates to determine if they meet the technical requirements and values of your organization. Our recruitment consultants are themselves legal professionals, allowing them to understand what you are looking for and what a candidate seeks. We act as trusted partners for all parties involved, fostering open conversations and accurate assessments.
  4. Presentation of the ideal legal talent
    • After the selection process, we introduce the matching candidates to you with CVs, comprehensive reports, and feedback. We also organize meetings so that you and the candidate can get to know each other better. And we stay in touch until the moment you decide to collaborate.
  5. Sustainable match
    • Our goal is to present a suitable candidate to create a long-lasting and successful match. What we do is based on trust and common goals: sustainable partnerships. This is central to our service.

Contact us today to find the ideal candidate that fits your business development. We are here to support you on your path to growth and success.

Why opt for a legal interim?

Our interim lawyers deliver customised solutions. We offer what your organisation needs at any given moment. We work with you to find the best solution, tailored to your company.
We quickly find a suitable interim lawyer with the right expertise for your project and company.
Rely on an interim lawyer for the short or long term, for a couple of hours a day or entire weeks, for general legal support or to support your own company lawyer.
Nonzerosum keeps in touch. We manage your file as a team and ensure an optimal approach at all times.

What does your company need?

  • A legal interim provides everyday legal support

  • A legal interim can provide legal support and create a foundation for your future in-house lawyer

  • A legal interim diligently supports this process within your organisation

  • A legal interim can support your in-house legal department when needed

  • A legal interim with the right expertise can support your in-house lawyer or legal department when needed

  • A legal interim can be deployed right away in order to fill in for your temporarily absent legal counsel