Stephanie Blommaert

Who is Stephanie.

Born and raised enthusiastic idealist. Feels justice to the core of her body. Ambitious West Flemish madam who loves to create and communicate. Passionate dancer and mum of 2 active boys. May wake you up anytime to explore new things.

What do clients say about Stephanie?

Clients describe her as an enthusiastic lawyer who is very professional in executing projects. She thinks along with the company and creatively seeks practical solutions. She is committed to both law and people and goes for her goal.

Her bio?

Master in Law at KU Leuven
Master complémentaire en droit économique, option droit de l’entreprise at UL Bruxelles
English legal Methods School at University of Cambridge
Negotiation techniques at KULeuven by Harvard University
International Legal English at the University of Cambridge
Certified business coach at Center for Self Management
Decade of experience at international and national law firms
Active as a legal consultant in corporate and SME environments
Business coach and guest lecturer at Vlerick Business School in Ghent
Teacher of negotiation techniques