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Teamlid Tom Van Nieuwerbrugh

Who is Tom.

Enthusiastic positivist with a curiosity about people, experiences and complex circumstances. Born multitasker and dad of 3 children. Enjoys taking on commitments with a social purpose. Likes to get everything out of life and has a great sense of responsibility.

What do customers say about Tom?

Clients describe him as sociable, creative, results-driven and responsible. He has a reputation for communication, analytical ability, leadership and multidisciplinarity. From his broad experience in business, he can quickly assess circumstances to arrive at the right solutions based on logic and a commitment to efficiency. Clients also like to see him as a sparring partner to discuss ideas and developments.

His bio?

Master in Law at the University of Ghent
MBA at Solvay Business School
15 years of experience in various business sectors from both legal and management positions in both corporate and SME environments.

Zijn Bio?

Master in Rechten aan de Universiteit Gent
MBA aan de Solvay Business School
15 jaar ervaring in diverse bedrijfssectoren vanuit juridische posities als managementposities en dit zowel in corporate als KMO omgevingen.