New in our team: Elias

How did you come to do an internship at nonzerosum?

I had been looking around for a while to find an interesting internship. Just at that moment, I was contacted by nonzerosum. A conversation soon followed in which it became clear that it was a win-win situation for both parties since nonzerosum could use some extra support and I could  further develop in a pleasant and professional setting.

What tips and tricks would you give to students looking for an internship?

Besides an early start in searching for an internship, I think it is also interesting to look out for companies that haven’t had any interns before. This opens new doors for both the company and the intern.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your internship until now?

As an intern, the obvious goal is to learn as much as possible. Being part of different processes in different areas such as finance, marketing and organisation is ideal for an SME student. SME is chosen for the broad aspect and the many variations, which is what I am doing now at nonzerosum.

Some tips for staying motivated?

For me personally, besides achieving a successful internship, it’s also about preparing myself for the years after my studies, when I will really enter the job market.

What gives you energy?

I get energy from efficiency. The more efficient you work, the more productive and then the results follow by itself.

How do you relax after a long busy day?

Relaxation for me ranges from activities like the bike ride home or a visit to the gym, to quiet activities like a walk or watching a series on Netflix.

What song could you listen to every day?

Wonderwall by Oasis, which is a little throw-in to my favourite football team: Club Brugge. Goosebumps when the entire Jan Breydel stadium makes some noise after the match.

Never again TV or never again music?

Fan of both, but give me music. Also, what is TV without any music?

Pasta or rice

The easiest question from the list. Pasta, simple.

Work at home or at the office?

Telework is most efficient in my opinion, but that efficiency is neglected when too little work is done in the office. A trade-off is ideal.

Sea holiday or seaside holiday?

Totally not a fan of sun, sea and beach holidays. Give me an adventure trip with tough hiking and lots of trekking! Next on the list: Iceland and Peru!