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New in our team: Lieselot

Lieselot Deroo

New in our team: Lieselot

In October 2021 our team has been expanded with the arrival of Lieselot, our new Office Manager. Lieselot is already a fixed value in our team, and we would like to introduce her.


What did you do before you joined Nonzerosum?

Before I joined Nonzerosum, I gained experience in small and large companies. From scale ups to large international companies, mostly in office management or similar positions.

What attracted you to this job?

Along the way, I discovered that I’m more attracted to smaller SMEs where there is the opportunity to shape processes, to think along with the organization and to increase efficiency where possible.

In addition, the versatility of office management in an SME attracts me. No two days are the same and there are so many possible projects that I can take ownership of that there is no question of too much routine.

Finally, I was also charmed by the drive and positivity of the two founders of Nonzerosum, Tom and Stephanie. They are a complementary entrepreneurial duo who want to make a success of Nonzerosum, without losing sight of the people who help build that success.

What does a working day usually look like for you?

A working day always starts with a black coffee and reading my mails.

After that , it depends on which projects are running and which tasks need to be prioritized. I try to make a weekly planning, but I deviate from it as often as I stick to it and that’s what makes it exciting. It is the flexibility, the agility, and the autonomy in making and following my schedule that makes it interesting.

What could you not live without at Nonzerosum?

The trust and independancy I get. It is fascinating to be given the freedom to find my own way, while at the same time having the security of always having a sounding board if necessary.

Did the corona period make it more challenging for you to start your job?

No, I find the combination of working at the office and remote facilitating to my productivity and creativity. Change of food makes you eat and so does my focus when I can work in different places.

For consultation and interaction with colleagues, there are enough digital means to get in touch with each other.

Do you have any resolutions for 2022?

Self-care is one of my resolutions. If that is taken care of, I’m sure many other good resolutions will automatically follow.

Small quiz to conclude:

Going out to a restaurant or cooking something yourself? 

I have a slight preference for going to a restaurant, but I can also enjoy preparing something myself and inviting friends over.

City trip or to the sea? 

I’ve lost my heart to the mountains 🙂 but if I must choose, I’d prefer a city trip.

By bike or by car? 

Sport is an essential part of my life, but I must admit that I drive to work by car.

Taking notes on paper or digital?

For me, working digitally has almost completely taken over from working analogously.