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Playing a winning game

Playing a winning game

Business is often compared to a gambling game. But entrepreneurs can also choose not to make their business operations dependent on chance. The best way to do so is by paying sufficient attention to the risks outside their own products or services. Reliable legal support from experts and a sustainable partnership are therefore worth their weight in gold. Instead of leaving their fate to chance, they get a hand shared in a game with only winners


A shared passion for the legal profession and entrepreneurship, complementary expertise in both industries and extensive experience are at the heart of Nonzerosum, the company Stephanie Blommaert and Tom Van Nieuwerburgh founded in 2017. “We independently noticed some gaps in the legal services market and were both determined to make a difference,” says Tom. “We were introduced to each other by a community acquaintance and it clicked immediately,” says Stephanie. “Our business sometimes feels like an extra child, but with a different partner,” Stephanie says with a laugh.

“In four years, we have become a fixture within the legal segment,” says Tom. “Our client portfolio is very broad and ranges from SMEs, NPOs to large and listed companies throughout
the whole of Belgium and also beyond. We operate almost in all sectors to assist companies and offices with legal support.”

“That we have been able to build such a broad network in four years is testament to the added value of our service,” says Tom. “We believe very strongly in the empowering power of a comprehensive approach,” he continues. “Our distinctive added value lies in the positive and proactive approach to law and our full-circle service, where we are committed to three pillars: providing legal advice, providing interim lawyers and recruiting and selecting legal profiles. We think along with our clients, making a difference.”

“The values of sustainability, client-focus and integrity are central to everything we do. Our top experts therefore provide legal support at the highest level in a highly personal manner,” says Stephanie, “which allows us to respond to client needs in a flexible and confidential manner. We think along with the client by providing strategic legal advice in a fixed context or ad hoc. We are a sparring partner but also dare to offer our own insights to generate added value. We also provide interim legal services when the client needs them, so that he/she can focus on the expansion of his/her business. Finally, we handle the recruitment and selection of legal professionals. This expertise, combined with our legal background, enables us to map out the client’s expectations very well and capture them in a clear vacancy text.

This then also allows us to search very specifically for the ideal profile.” “We only engage with candidates we believe will be a good match,” Tom clarifies. “Besides competences, we also look at soft skills, personality and values. Through in-depth interviews with both sides, we focus on expectations and build a relationship of trust at the same time. This allows us to facilitate recruitment in a sustainable way. A good fit between client and candidate is an enormous added value, a real win-win situation. When client and candidate meet for the first time, they often feel as if they already know each other. The fact that we can play that connecting role is very satisfying,” Stephanie concludes.

This sustainable approach has done Nonzerosum no favours. “The personal and trusting relationship we build with customers has become our trademark. As a result, we grew strongly even during the difficult corona times. When the crisis broke out, we didn’t really know what to expect. At first, the world froze a bit because of the shock. Both companies and candidates were more cautious. But since August, we have noticed more openness again. It is nice to see that since March many sectors are back on track and there is a relative optimism from our clients,” says Tom. “Demand for interim services has risen remarkably fast, though,” says Stephanie. “It is as if the economy has been taken out of the frig again. We are particularly noticing a rising demand for lawyers and attorneys specialising in corporate law, acquisitions, real estate, environment and surroundings but equally for paralegals,” says Tom. “People with that legal background are certainly welcome to contact us,” Stephanie adds with a laugh. “We see the future positively, the increasing number of applications is a confirmation for us that our model is right and that the economic revival is coming.”


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