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About us

{nonzerosum} noun •

~ a game where all parties can gain: a win-win game

Our values


Expertise and quality are our key pillars. We are able to offer both at the highest level, together with our teams of recruitment and legal top-notch experts.


Our passion for law and entrepreneurship led us to create Nonzerosum. A positive and proactive approach to recruitment and law.


We will answer all your legal questions. We are your confidant who will alleviate you of your legal and recruitment concerns.


We know that involved legal and recruitment advice, tailored to your business, is much more beneficial in the long term and adds value to your company.

Our team

We provide tailored legal support for your company.

Together with our team of experts, we offer the necessary support and expertise. A unique combination of legal expertise and business strategy acumen. Allowing you to focus on your company while we alleviate you of your legal concerns.

Discover our team!

Our team

The nonzerosum team of experts

Our team of legal experts is the essence of Nonzerosum.

Our experts are extremely good at what they do and have a passion for law.

Ambition and high quality is the common denominator of the team, in addition to our client-orientation.

A top-notch team of experts who offer the necessary legal support at the highest level.

Approach and Rates

How does it work? Very simple. You have a need. You get in touch with us and we listen. Next, we propose a tailored solution via legal support for your project, by deploying an interim lawyer or by finding you an in-house, long-term lawyer, attorney, notary or legal assistant.

But what about costs?

We work with transparent, all-in rates. Fixed rates for projects, fixed daily rates for interim lawyers and fixed rates for finding and placing staff at your company.

You will always know the exact cost up front with no post-hoc surprises. A care-free setup for both parties.

And as a cherry on top, we work with the SME portfolio which gives you a discount of 40% on all our rates for legal advice and analysis.

Our clients

We support small, medium-sized and large companies/strong>.

Companies with one thing in common: they want a pragmatic partner. They are looking for a team that will alleviate them of their legal concerns.

Our team of top-notch experts offers a specialised, driven and client-oriented approach. With durable, long-term partnerships as a result.

We will help you get ahead!

Regardless of the size or industry of your organisation. We will answer all your legal questions.

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