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Martine Cocquyt – Cocquyt bvba

“We are very pleased with nonzerosum’s enhanced service. They are always reachable and highly entrepreneurial. You can bring them to the negotiation table in confidence, where they will prove their added value without a doubt. They administer the legal aspects of a business efficiently. Trust is key in our business. Nonzerosum received that message loud and clear.”

Martine Cocquyt – Cocquyt bvba

Our support consists of various elements that are key for offering the necessary legal support in confidence.

here is how it works


We gain a deep understanding of the company as well as their strategic plans intended to promote the growth of the company. It is important that we are involved in said strategic planning at an early stage. This allows us to help assess the legal implications of these plans early on.


Once we understand the business and their strategic plans, we are good to go. We determine legal consequences and risks and draw up a legal framework together with the client within which the plans can be shaped. This allows management to make highly targeted choices when it comes to the continued development of their strategic plans.


We join the negotiation table where we provide management with legal support. We assist in negotiations efficiently and intelligently, allowing the client to decide on our role, e.g. from the sidelines or negotiating on their behalf. This allows you as a company to expand your plans with laser focus. Efficiently and with the necessary legal support.

About cocquyt bvba

Cocquyt is an established name in the construction market with over 40 years’ experience in ground, water and planting works. This renowned family business is active in greenery maintenance, water construction works, road maintenance, cleaning works as well as other assignments such as installing guardrails, cleaning tunnels, groundworks, installing storm water balancing tanks, earth movement and grading works.

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