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Everything you want to know about IP law

Everything you want to know about IP law

IP law, intellectual property or also better known as intellectual property law. It is all around you and it has nothing to do with ordinary property rights that individuals have over material things. IP law consists of copyright, patent law, trademark law, trade name law and database law, among others. A lot of different issues that we want to make you familiar with.


Just about every publication, digital or not, is protected by copyright. You don’t have to apply for this specifically, because in general, a work is protected from the moment it is created. Still, some people such as photographers place a watermark or the like on their work to make sure it cannot simply be distributed without permission.

Patent law
A patent is the same as a patent. This is the exclusive right to make, use and sell a particular creation. For this, however, you have to file an application with the Federal Public Service Economy. This can be done either in a digital way or on paper.

Trademark law
Trademark law covers not only the name or logo, you can also register colours or sounds under your trademark. The best way to protect your trademark is to register it in the official Benelux Trademark Register. If you are registered here, you can take legal action against competitors who abuse your trademark.

Trade name law
Trade name law is closely related to trademark law, but the major difference is that a trade name is automatically protected.

Another important difference here is that a trade name may be descriptive, but a trademark may not.

Database law
Database law is a recent phenomenon within IP law. It protects the investment that was needed to build the database. It is valid for 15 years from the time the production of the database is completed. If you make structural changes to the database, this period is extended again. The database right allows you, the owner of a database, to prohibit the use, copying or distribution of its contents.

IP law consists of many different parts that you should take a moment to consider. Do you still have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help!