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Intellectual property law, privacy & GDPR

You took a unique product to market or developed a specific service. But did you sufficiently protect your product or service? You entered into a collaboration with a partner for developing a service or rolling out a product. But how to handle intellectual property rights, co-branding, transfer of rights within your partnership? What to do and how to sufficiently protect your company?

And what is the status of privacy and security procedures and policies at your company? Have your contracts been adjusted accordingly? Does your company process personal data, have you concluded the right agreements to that end? It has become unavoidable. Each company must comply with present GDPR legislation. As soon as you administer or process personal data, you are bound by privacy-related obligations. As such, it is important for you to organise the necessary contracts and policies as well as adopt the right GDPR procedures.

Sounds overwhelming? No worries, this is what we do all day, every day. We take care of the legal aspects of your creation to the finest detail. Allowing you to focus on your top priority; the development of your product or service.

What can our experts help you with?

Legal support in answering all your legal questions about intellectual property and protecting your brand name and know-how
Drafting, reviewing and negotiating all kinds of contracts and clauses associated with intellectual property rights
Legal questions related to privacy and GDPR legislation
Drafting the necessary privacy and cookie policies
Drafting, reviewing and negotiating a GDPR data processing agreement (DPA)
Updating all your legal documentation to ensure compliance with the GDPR and privacy regulations
Drafting your general terms and conditions (both for offline applications and for your website or online store)

Feel free to ask us for an initial consultation. We are happy to review your specific question or request for assistance to propose the right approach. Afterwards, we can provide legal work quickly and accurately so that you can focus more on your business.

Contact us for up-to-date and practical legal advice.

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