Social legislation & employment law

Hiring your first employee? It is important to understand what formalities need to be fulfilled and what employment conditions need to be adhered to. An employee wants to temporarily suspend their employment to care for a child, is that allowed? An employee is always late or rude, what can you do as an employer? If you are no longer satisfied with an employee, what are the financial implications of termination and associated procedures?

Employment law is a field that is constantly evolving and subject to continuous change. It is almost impossible for an entrepreneur to stay on top of these developments, let alone keep your employment documentation up to date.

We are happy to offer support in your social-legal concerns so that you can focus on expanding your business.

What can our experts help you with?

Legal support for all your legal questions about employment law-related matters, such as different types of employment contracts, employment duration, wage elements and social security, absenteeism, competition and employment termination
Legal advice in everyday employment-related issues such as illegitimate absenteeism, underperformance and failure to deliver on obligations.
Drafting or reviewing employment contracts or specific clauses
Drafting or reviewing policies regarding the use of company vehicles, mobile phones, internet and email, camera surveillance and exit control
Drafting or reviewing company rules
Updating existing employment documentation